LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Welcome to the future

Welcome to the future. This week we have witnessed societal and financial market disruptions caused by the coronavirus.

Consider this to be a mild peek at what will most certainly occur worldwide when the full effects of climate change wreak havoc around the world.

Suppose — just suppose — another new virus spreads globally at the same time ever-worsening weather patterns cause large-scale destruction from droughts to floods to hurricanes. You don’t have to work hard to use your imagination. Just go to the shores of Lake Michigan, like New Buffalo beach. Take a good look around. Then contemplate dystopian scenarios of much greater magnitude as fear and panic from large-scale disasters trigger mass migrations and food riots around the globe.

COVID-19 is a warning and a preview. Fortunately, most Americans believe that climate change will bring about wide-scale destruction and havoc. Sadly, the deniers will refuse to budge.

Today, we are getting a movie trailer, a snippet of celluloid, showing mankind’s uncertain future.

As Al Jolson once said: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Wayne Falda